Stunning Large 18ct Yellow gold 1.85ct Diamond Cluster Ring

  • £3,450.00

A stunning large statement ring made from 18ct yellow gold in a traditional cluster style made up of 9 round cut diamonds. The central stone is largest at ~5mm surrounded by 8 other round cut diamonds, of the 8, the two stones in line with the shank are slightly larger at ~3.75mm and the other 6 above and below the central stone are ~2.5mm.
The rough total carat weight is 1.85ct. the stones are nice and bright with a nice fire within when under natural light.

Size wise, on a ring stick it sits at a K + 1/2 but would fit to about an M as finger will fill spaces round the sizing balls.
However this ring can also be sized to whatever size you wish. If you love this ring but it is the wrong size, please contact me prior to purchasing and i can see if it is possible to size for you. If within a few sizes usually there will even be no extra cost to this, however if there is a large size discrepancy, this may not be possible and if going up a large amount there may be additional cost to this for additional materials.